Special Purpose Machinery

Expert Tooling & Automation are perfectly positioned to provide full turnkey solutions to our clients’ needs. From concept design to complete system build, test and commission and ongoing service and support. Turnkey projects often culminate in fully automated industrial machinery and production lines across various market sectors. Projects are conducted in discreet elements from conceptual design, feasibility studies, detailed design, build and service contracts. Solutions vary from full industrial automation to mechanical aids as well as simple jigs and fixtures.

Expert Tooling & Automation can offer solutions accross all market sectors in:

  • Low, Medium and High Speed Automation
  • Semi-Automated Assembly
  • Flexible Assembly Automation
  • Multi-Variant Production

Low, Medium and High Speed Automation

Expert have a vast experience in High Speed Automation, such as:

  • Dental floss assembly machines (60 parts per minute)
  • Beer can widget assembly machines (7975 part per hour)
  • Face barrier assembly machines (80 parts per minute)
  • Face barrier valve assembly machines (30 parts per minute)
  • Lithium battery assembly machines (20 parts per minute)

Our Medium and Low Speed Automation examples have predominantly been delivered to the automotive industry whereby the production demand is around the 1 part per minute mark:

  • Front knuckle assembly lines
  • Unit shop assembly projects including FIPG sealing, Mains Metals insertion, crank and cam pulley tightening, etc.
  • Front and rear sub frame bushing systems across a range of automotive OEMs

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Semi-Automated Assembly

We have delivered semi-automated assembly systems to various automotive manufacturers with applications ranging from cylinder head assembly through to ultrasonic welding of plastic components and checking fixtures.

Our ultrasonic welding solutions ensure the finish of any critical-A surfaces is not compromised in the process and the checking stations we supply to this industry give the manufacturers the confidence they require to ensure they pass the strict quality requirements of the OEMs.

Flexible Assembly Automation

At Expert, we have manufactured a range of modular assembly lines for our customers. Examples here range from final assembly lines (FAL) for the automotive electronics industry through to flexible colostomy bag assembly solutions in the pharmaceutical sector. Both industries have strict guidelines for cleanliness in their assembly equipment for obvious reasons.

Expert-AMT blood testing

Multi-Variant Production

One of the toughest challenges in automation is delivering a solution which covers vast ranges of product variation. We recently delivered an automated paintline load and unload system with robotic palletisers, for example.

The customer’s products ranged from 200mm in length to 1.4m and had a weight range from 5kg through to 95kg. In total, the requirement was to facilitate over 1200 different variants. Other examples of significance are in the automotive electrical connector assembly sector and with lithum battery assembly.