Medical Equipment Manufacturing

Are you looking to partner with a company that understands the challenges involved with bringing a product to market quickly? At Expert-AMT, we know this challenge all-too-well, which is why we’ve put in place a comprehensive process that has your requirements covered every step of the way. We’re fully involved in the process of medical equipment manufacturing and provide a bespoke and affordable service. To discuss your needs, call us on +44 (0247) 6428500. 

Professional Medical Device Assembly 

Here at Expert-AMT, we have many years of experience helping customers bring their products to market quickly, ensuring standards are maintained along the way. In the medical sector, where product lives are often short, it can be frustrating working hard to deliver on a deadline, only to have to move straight onto the next project. Our approach to medical equipment manufacturing simplifies matters, making the process far less stressful for the client. 

Regardless of where in the world you’re looking to deploy a product, we’ll ensure it’s deployed on time and in accordance with the customs and laws of the local region. And through remote support, we can assist remotely with any issues that might arise. When it comes to medical industry equipment, we’re with you every step of the way. 

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Bespoke, Affordable Medical Equipment Manufacturing 

From the simplest solution to something a lot more complex, if you need a healthcare product developed and delivered, we’ll make sure it happens. Simply come to us with your request, outline your requirements, and we’ll deliver a solution that exceeds your expectations. We adopt a swift production strategy when handling medical device assembly (Develop, Design, Deploy, Data Capture). We allocate the required resources, ensuring a quick and successful deployment, leaving you free to re-focus your resources elsewhere. 

No more having to worry about freeing up resources to handle large workloads or stressing over meeting tight deadlines in time, so your team can move onto the next project. We can even future proof your healthcare devices and equipment, greatly extended the serviceable life. Our service is entirely bespoke, so you can opt for medical equipment manufacturing (build-to-print), or we can simply make ourselves available to offer product and process consultancy. Alternatively, we can provide a whole-line solution where we take the process from concept to delivery. 

And we handle everything else that goes together with the process, from proof of principle and concept simulation to Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) and Site Acceptance Testing (SAT). Plus, with our 24-hour customer service support, Expert-AMT is always there when you need us. No wonder we’re the go-to company for medical industry equipment manufacturing. 

Other Sectors 

As well as the medical sector, we can also develop, build, and deploy equipment, devices, and other technologies for businesses spanning sectors that include: 

If you would like more information about any of these sectors or would like to discuss our medical equipment manufacturing provision, call Expert-AMT today. 


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If you’re looking for a proven company capable of undertaking medical equipment manufacturing, look no further than Expert-AMT. Call us today on +44 (0247) 6428500 to find out more. 

Why Come to Us for Medical Industry Equipment? 

Here at Expert-AMT, we’ve committed ourselves to being the top designer and developer of cutting-edge, advanced manufacturing technologies. From medical equipment manufacturing to bespoke aerospace component assembly, our expertise is extensive. Whether you have a concept already you’d like built or need us to develop one for you; you can count on us to deliver. And if you need a whole-line solution, we can do that too. 

Our company has existed as an engineering supplier since 1972. For 49 years, we’ve worked on countless jobs ranging in size and complexity, so we’ve seen it all and done it all. We’ve built a loyal client base, many of whom wouldn’t hesitate to recommend our services. And due to our outstanding services and impeccable workmanship, we’ve expanded our global footprint. 

Today, we’re an internationally recognised company offering medical device assembly, among many, many other services. Our coverage even extends as far afield as China; so wherever in the world you want something deployed, we have the logistical capabilities to make it happen.