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What is Control Systems Engineering?

Control systems engineering is an engineering field that is based around the understanding of how control processes can be managed by automation devices and implemented into operation. As such, it is an area of engineering that is of particular interest to manufacturing companies that are looking for optimal production solutions. In order for control systems engineering to be carried out effectively, it requires a team with a broad skill set as well as access to various computer systems. 

Many companies that specialise in the manufacturing of goods will take advantage of control systems engineering in order to optimise their work processes. Not only can effective controls engineering reduce the cost of labour, it will also help to ensure consistent output in your processing plant. Such benefits are why control engineers and controls engineering solutions are highly sought after by companies looking to improve and expand. 

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What is a Control System? 

To put it plainly, control systems are everywhere. These systems are undetected by the naked eye yet are used to continuously regulate devices in a repeatable manner. Some examples of control systems in practice include the temperature control in buildings, cruise control feature in a vehicle and the speed of a conveyor belt in a production plant. The basics of a control system involve measuring an error signal before adjusting the system to reach the desired outcome. 

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What is Control Engineering?

As already stated above, control engineering is an engineering field that is concerned with the management of control processes. Control engineering in practice has a long history dating back to ancient times, and as one might expect, has continued to evolve and improve over time. There are now several branches of controls engineering, all of which can provide unique solutions for companies looking to modernise. We at Expert AMT are proud to be at the heart of such developments. 

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Benefits of Control Engineering 

  • Reduces Labour Costs 
  • Helps to Improve Quality 
  • Provides Businesses with Additional Opportunities 
  • Ensures Consistent Output 
  • Modernises Your Company 

Modern Control Engineering

Control engineering, as with all other fields of engineering, is always evolving and changing. New methods of production are always being developed and with them more sophisticated control engineering solutions. Modern control engineering involves the use of Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) systems. Modern control engineering approaches are more concerned with high order equations, which allows for greater variety and precise control of new systems. 

History of Control Systems 

Control engineering and control systems have been around for far longer than you might expect. Water clocks used by Greeks and Arabs in the third century BC are one of the earliest examples of control systems in practice. As time has gone on and science has advanced, we have found ways to apply the basic principles behind controls engineering to many more systems. The beginning of the 20th century, in particular, is considered to be the golden age of control engineering. 

Types of Control Engineering

As control engineering has continued to develop and evolved over the years, it has found its way into all walks of life. However, such evolution has also led to a divergence in control engineering practices, with some methods being more appropriate for certain situations than others. As such, several branches of controls engineering have developed over time. We at Expert AMT are familiar with the various schools and are confident in being able to explain them to potential clients. 

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Classical Control Engineering

Classical control engineering systems usually involve the use of ordinary differential equations. Classical control engineering involves these equations being transformed and analysed in a transformed domain. Some examples of classical control engineering in practice includes Laplace transform, z transform, and Fourier transform. This particular method of classical control engineering involves the use of Single Input Single Output systems (SISO) 

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Modern Control Engineering 

As already outlined to some degree, modern control engineering involves the use of MIMO in order to be effective. In this method of control engineering, higher order differential equations are converted to first order differential equations. The way these equations are solved is similar to vector method and by doing so, a lot of more complex differential equations are solved. Modern control engineering has several practices that advanced companies are sure to find useful. 

Robust Control Engineering 

Robust control engineering methodology is concerned with the changes in the performance of any given system with the changes in parameters being measured for optimisation. This type of control engineering will help to widen the stability of performance as well as aid in finding alternate solutions. Therefore, when it comes to robust control engineering, factors such as the environment, noises, internal inaccuracies, and more are all considered to help reduce the fault in the system. 

Optimal Control Engineering 

Where optimal control engineering is concerned, the problem is formulated as a mathematical model of the process, as well as the physical constraints. Approaching control engineering in this way helps to minimise the cost function for companies. Optimal control engineering is, therefore, ideal for companies who are looking to reduce operating costs by comping up with an optimal production solution. We at Expert AMT can explain this system type in more detail, so get in touch. 

Adaptive Control Engineering

Adaptive control engineering involves the use of adaptive controllers who outline parameters that are adaptive by some mechanism. These more complex systems involve several interchangeable factors that are moved around in order to produce the desired outcome. The main difference with these types of control systems is that they involve an additional loop for parameter adjustment, which is present along with the regular feedback of the process. 

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Nonlinear Control Engineering 

Finally, there is nonlinear control engineering, which focuses on the nonlinearities that can’t be represented using more linear equations. Such a system will exhibit multiple isolated equilibrium points, bifurcations with limited escape time and limit cycles. One of the main limitations presented by this method is that the process requires mathematical analysis, which requires the system to be split between linear and nonlinear part. 

Control Systems Engineering 

As you can probably gather from the information above, control system engineering offers many benefits to companies looking to revolutionise their production methods. While such control engineering solutions usually mean a hefty investment on your part, you’ll find that the benefits these solutions offer will be worth every penny. Past clients that we’ve worked with have all found that the control systems engineering solutions we offer have drastically improved operations. 

At Expert AMT, our staff will ensure that you receive personalised service at all times during the process of receiving controls engineering solutions. Our team will cater to your needs at every opportunity and make sure that your specific requirements are fulfilled. No two controls engineering systems are the same, so we will work closely with you to make sure that you receive suitable equipment. If you’d like to get started, reach out to us using the contact information below.